Flood restoration

The dry out process of building materials such as sheetrock and plywood, carpets and furtniture is critical to the health of yourself as well as your building. We pride ourselves in being the leading water damage mitigator because of the experience we have as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology & best available machinery on the market.

Advanced Hydrotech Restoration is well trained in all phases of disaster response and floods are no exception. Flood damage can arise from the impact of water dousing a fire, broken pipes, malfunctioning appliances, storms or sewage backups. Some water carries contaminants and should be considered hazardous until analyzed by an expert. A proper analysis will assist in presenting proper steps for successful mitigation.

Professional water damage restorationA flood restoration company can help you get your life back on track after surviving a flood. Even when the waters have ebbed, there is still the difficult task of getting your life, and your home, back in order. When it comes to flood restoration, it is always important to put safety first. A flooded house can have structural damage and toxic mold. If the flooding in your area was pervasive, flood waters may also contain toxic chemicals, grey water and sewage. Always be cautious when entering a flooded house and wear protective clothing, gloves and breathing apparatus before beginning the work of cleanup and flood restoration.

The first step to flood restoration is to make sure that your utilities are turned off. Do not stand in water to turn your utilities off. If that situation is inevitable, call the utility company first, even if it delays the flood restoration. Next, your flood restoration professional will remove any standing water from your home. Standing water can breed disease and destroy your home’s structural integrity. Your flood restoration professional will use industrial wet vacuums, drying chemicals and other tools to complete the process.

Your flood restoration professional will advise you to wash all clothes and other fabrics touched by flood waters. Wash the clothes you wore for clean up immediately after cleaning and be sure to wash them separately from flood contaminated clothes.

Professional water restorationSometimes the case which the most of people prefer is the only one harm to be ruined carpet. Advanced Hydrotech Restoration can help you in this situation. We provide well trained specialists who can handle your carpet restoration.

A disaster like a flood can also be highly destructive to antiques and family heirlooms, such as quilts, books and papers. Other heirlooms, such as pottery and dishes, can also be cracked or broken. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends working with a conservator as soon as possible to restore family treasures. Your flood restoration professional can likely recommend conservators in your area. If you are unable to meet with a conservator immediately, you may wish to freeze your heirlooms to stop or slow the progression of the water damage.

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