Stone and tile restoration

Advanced Hydrotech Restoration specialize in restoring, cleaning and maintaining natural stone floors (Marble, Granite, Travertine etc) and ceramic tiles and grout.

We have both commercial and residential clients. We pride ourselves on our excellent standards of work carried out by highly trained craftsmen. We are professional, discrete and respectful of our customers’ privacy, and we carry out inspections and provide professional advice. A natural stone floor is a beautiful (and expensive) asset to your home which really demands to be maintained correctly. It is not unusual for a new marble floor to lose its shine in high traffic areas after less than a year, without good maintenance.

Professional tile restorationWith the use of high pressure ‘clean & capture’ equipment we also offer a deep cleansing service of ceramic tiles and grout. We have specialized machinery which will allow us to carry out complete re-grinds on damaged stone floors. We can then restore the stone to the finish of your choice, whether it is a high gloss mirror finish you are looking for or a softer, flatter, honed finish.

Advanced Hydrotech Restoration is a professional company, that specializes in services and products for tile and stone re-surfacing, stone and tile repairs, stone restoration, tile cleaning and grout repairs. We can advise you on routine maintenance for all types of tiles, to resurrecting your damaged natural stone floors.

We are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all types of natural stone tiles. This is not limited to natural stone, but also engineered stone such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Caesar Stone, Sile Stone and Quantum Quarts. We cover all aspects of stone and tile work from repairing delicate statues to the mechanical polishing and sealing of Marble, Granite, Travertine and Limestone adding lustre and shine to all types of stone that will enhance your investment for many years.

Sometimes the stone and the tiles got in bad condition from moisture. That’s why companies like Advanced Hydrotech Restoration are welcome to help your floor to be good looking, no mater what water damage had passed through it. Being one of only a very limited number of true stone restoration companies in Midland, TX, we are passionate about stone.